Kimono no Obebe | Rental Kimono Service

Our plans

  • Kimono plan for Ladies

    Basic Kimono plan for women. Explore this old city in Kimono! We have size bigger size (up to 4L)!

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  • Kimono plan for Men

    Basic Kimono plan for men. We have bigger size (up to 3L)!

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  • Kimono plan for Couple

    Recommended for your special day!

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  • Yukata plan for Ladies

    Enjoy colorful Yukata and summer in Kyoto!

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  • Yukata plan for Men

    Wow you look great in Yukata!

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  • Yukata plan for Couple

    Dress up in Yukata and enjoy summer in Kyoto!

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  • Kimono plan for Kids

    We have baby size (onesie type) and kids kimono!

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Photo Shoot plan with professional photographer

Professional photographer will take your lovley photos in hostorical sites of Kyoto!

Please note the price for photo shooting plan by professional photographer is NOT included in standard Kimono plan.
Note: Please make reservation at least 2 weeks in advance
Price:29,000JPY + Tax/4h, 6,000JPY (+tax) for each additional hour


Hairset: 1,000JPY (+tax)

Order hair set

Custome-made Hairset: 3,000JPY (+tax)


Rental Hair Ornament: 500JPY~700JPY (+tax) / per ornament

*This is for rental only, so please return after using.


Rental Stole: 500JPY (+tax)

*This is for rental only, so please return after using.

Bangasa(Japanese umbrella)

Rental Bangasa: 1,000JPY (+tax)

*This is for rental only, so please return after using.

Bring your own kimono and get dressed plan

Bring your own kimono and let us dress you up!

Price: 3,000JPY (+tax)

Note: If you bring your own Kimono, the price varies depending on the type of your Kimono. Please ask for more details.

Early morning service (9am&9:30am)

If you want to start your Kimono day at 9am or 9:30am, you can do so with additional charge.

Price:500JPY + Tax

Buying Yukata and Kimono

If you'd like to keep Kimono, Yukata and our handmade accessories for a memory of Kyoto, you can buy them from us. Please ask for more detail.