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About Us - 着物のおべべ
Kimono no Obebe
Open hours  10:00 - 21:00 

About Us

We, “Kimono rental shop – Kimono no Obebe” were established by
Exseed Co., Ltd. – the firm operating from guesthouses to hotels.

Many of our guests staying in our properties are very keen on Japanese culture, including kimono,
“Let’s get dressed in Kimono and walk around Kyoto city!”, “Feel Kyoto in depth!”, “We want to do something different in Kyoto!”, “This is our special holiday, we want to make unforgettable memories!”. etc…
Hearing these voices of our guests, and to meet our guests’ needs and satisfaction, we decided to start a new service as “Kimono no Obebe”.

Our kimonos are all good quality, with beautiful designs on them, and of course wallet-friendly!
We have a wide range of sizes, designs and colours, so you don’t need to worry about anything!

You’ll feel and find other sides of Kyoto while exploring this ancient city in Kimono.
Let us add a little bit of Japanese spice on your Kyoto Day!!!
We ensure your Kyoto Day will be 200% fun and full of excitement ^-^